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In September 2000, German and Angie Alvarez started the company Aero-Parts Connections, Inc in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. This company initially focused on after-market emergency equipment for commercial airlines. In 2004, Aviation Inflatables was formed as a separate entity focused on emergency equipment, but was positioned to include the repair and overhaul capabilities.


In 2008, Aviation Inflatables achieved a milestone and became a certified FAA 145 repair station 

for the emergency equipment. This expanded their product and service capabilities and was able to win critical business relationships with known end-users and other companies in the Aerospace industry.

Innovation which provides cost effective solutions to customers has always been on the forefront of German’s mind to accelerate the company’s vision. In 2012, another milestone was achieved; Aviation Inflatables became a manufacturer for PMA cylinders offering its customers great savings whilst quality products.


In 2014, Aero-Parts Connection Inc was inactivated to streamline the business and was transitioned into Aviation Inflatables.  Aviation Inflatables’ quest and 

and persistence to offer customer solutions to the climbing cost of OEM products,  finally resulted to the FAA approval of the DER major repair for the MD80 and A320 capabilities in 2015.  And in 2016, an in-house DER, supporting other upcoming innovative solutions, was certificated to continue the company’s vision.

Aviation Inflatables, Inc. (AI) has quickly evolved since and has become one of the entities to the AVI Aviation Group of Companies. AVI was formed in 2016 by founders, German and Angie Alvarez as a Holding company for their growing diversified portfolio of aviation companies.


Following this, are two independent entities, AVI Aviation Inflatables and AVI Survival Products. AVI and its divisions are headquartered in their new 134,000 square feet facility at Sawgrass Technology Park in Sunrise, Florida.


AVI and its divisions aspire to be the most cost effective partner to its customers and to be the premier innovator in the Products and Services they provide. Their product knowledge, product development, and exclusive alliances make them a trendsetter in the Aviation Industry. 


To be the experienced partner for the products and services that we provide to the aerospace industry; continuously aiming to be on the forefront of innovative and alternative solutions; and, delivering on time quality products and services with cost benefits to our customers



To be our customers’ preferred supplier in every market we serve.  We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork and innovation.


AVI Aviation Inflatables


1655 NW 136 Avenue, Bldg M

Sunrise, Florida 33323


+1 (954) 749 3500



AVI Survival Products


1655 NW 136 Avenue, Bldg M

Sunrise, Florida 33323

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