EBC 406 ELT - Survival Locator Beacon

ELT with audible monitor, transmits on 121.5 & 243.0MHz. Cabin/cockpit mounted, has an integral antenna.
Meets TSO-C91a.


The EBC 502 is undoubtedly the best value in a two frequency Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) on the market today. It exceeds TSO-C91a standards, is FCC approved and satellite compatible.

As with all EBC ELTs, the EBC 502 transmits either automatically or manually on both civilian (121.5 MHz) and military (243.0 MHz) frequencies simultaneously.It has a recessed 3-position toggle switch for automatic or manual operation and pre-flight testing. A built-in test circuit and lamp allows the pilot to visually assess ELT power output modulation and battery strength. It has a built-in integral antenna. This fully portable unit requires no cabling or external antenna, making it less expensive and easy to install in cockpit or cabin. Built to ensure reliability under the harshest conditions, it is able to withstand 1000+ Gs of shock, up to 24 hours complete submersion in salt water and will survive a flash fire of up to 1500˚F for two minutes. All EBC ELTs have a built-in integral antenna - no need for cables or external antennas. The EBC 502 has been outfitted with an external monitor that emits a loud beeping tone upon activation of the unit. The monitor sits underneath the ELT in the mounting bracket and is connected via a DC power connector, eliminating the need for a wire harness. The monitor has its own battery so that it will not drain power from the ELT. In an actual emergency, it is quite reassuring to hear that your ELT has been activated. When circumstances go wrong, the EBC 502 is there every step of the way with leading edge design and technology that helps save lives.

The EBC 502 is approved by the FAA to TSO C91a and Type Accepted by the FCC under part 87.

  Physical Features:

  • Yellow baked enamel aluminum case

  • Flexible non-telescoping antenna extends 19" above transmitter body

  • Size: 2.5"W x 2"D x 8

  • Weight: 2.75 lbs. with battery pack installed

  • Price: $726.00

Special Features:

  • Intended for installation in cockpit or cabin area

  • Recessed 3 position toggle switch

  • 2 year parts and labor warranty

  • Comes complete with mounting bracket, battery pack and audible monitor

  • Uses one GS-52 alkaline battery pack

  • Audible monitor alert when activated



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