Understanding the economics of one of its Airline contract, Aviation Inflatables realized that the need for after-market sub-component parts to support the growing repair and overhaul business would increase exponentially. It was evident that the OEM’s new parts cannot consistently support and meet the demands of this market. Moreso, the OEM’s increasing price has not been very supportive to the industry’s end-users and service providers.



In its quest to lead, Aviation Inflatables aimed to support the industry with a cost-effective alternative. Thus, in 2012, Aviation Inflatables added the Engineering Department to PMA sub-component parts in high demand. The PMA program allows Aviation Inflatables to contract directly with manufacturers for production of sub-component parts instead of relying on the after-market or the more expensive OEM alternative. Its Engineering first focused on one of the most expensive sub-components, cylinders and with success initially secured PMAs for six cylinders. To date, Aviation Inflatables secured 18 PMAs and is currently a Boeing PMA licensee.



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