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Aviation Inflatables aims to support the industry with a cost-effective alternative with PMA Cylinders.

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Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is an authorization granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to a manufacturer of aircraft parts. PMA parts must pass the same rigorous quality and testing requirements as OEM parts.

The PMA program allows Aviation Inflatables to manufacture sub-component parts instead of relying on the after market or the more expensive OEM alternative. 



OEM parts have longer lead times, that can extend over 90 days. PMA's are a comparable solution for a quick turn  around with guaranteed quality.

Pressure Testing


Keep your options open! With PMA's you are not subject to only use OEM parts.


FAA regulations have been passed to hold PMA parts up to the same rigorous quality and testing  requirements to those of the OEM. Rest assured that AVI has  you covered.



Every PMA part manufactured is required to follow FAA guidelines and qualifications in order to ensure that the specs and quality of materials are up to the industry standard.

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