4-6 Person Life Raft (NON-TSO) 

For General, Private Aviation & BoaterUse


Part Number: 1400B-1

Pack Size: 6" x 13" x 14"

Weight: 12lbs


  • 4 Person Basic Life Raft without Canopy, without Survival Kit
  • Lightest and smallest package on the market today, designed for private pilots and pleasure boaters.
  • Comprised of buoyancy tube, deck, life lines, CO2 inflation system, boarding handles, retaining line, hand pump, bailing bucket, sea anchor, and valise.
  • Lightest weight and most compact - easy to carry, stow away, and maneuver in any emergency situation.
  • Easily deployed by women, children, exhausted pilots or boaters.
  • Soft-pack valise made of practically indestructible nylon with secure Velcro closures.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty FAA approved neoprene coated nylon fabric.
  • Optional highly visible orange canopy to aid in search and rescue operations.
  • Contains aluminum cylinders and valves eliminating corrosion and greatly reducing the weight.
  • High-tech CO2 automatic inflation system, inflates in 10 seconds.
  • Optional survival kits are available to meet individual requirements.
  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor, built to last a lifetime with proper care.

Required Raft Compartment Size = Add 3" to Raft Pack Dimensions.  
Required Raft Weight = +/- 2.0 lbs.


4 Person Non-TSO Life Raft / No Canopy, No Survival Kit



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