For use during emergency egress from the aircraft. The AVI Survival Products U900 Life Vest is approved under FAA TSO (TSO-C13g). Its certified for both adults and children over 35 lbs. The life preserver has an open collar design for ease of donning and should be placed over the neck and shoulders. The U900 Life Vest features adjustable waist straps with a single attachment and adjustment point for a perfect fit. The inflation of the life preserver can be accomplished via the installed CO2 Cylinder or the Manual Oral Valve. A water activated Locator Light is installed for visibility in low light conditions.


The U900 Life Preserver has a 10-year interval of inspection. Customizable pack sizes are available to accommodate aircraft stowage locations.

AVI Survival Products U900 Life Preserver

SKU: U900-101

    • Single Cell Design
    • Urethane Coated Nylon Fabric
    • Adjustable Belt
    • Multiple inflation methods, CO2 Cylinder or Manual Oral Valve
    • 8 hr. Water Activated Locator Light
    • FAA Approved TSO-C13g Life Vest
    • Complies with FAR 25.853 (a) for Flame Retardancy
    • Vacuum Sealed Pack Design
    • Various Pack Sizes Available
    • Optional: Whistle for added safety