Service Interval

Service is recommended annually and required by the FAA annually for FAA Approved type rafts.  It takes approximately 2-3 weeks regular turnaround time to overhaul a life raft.  We can expedite your service work within approximately 5-7 days for an additional 30% of the total service cost.  

Make sure to service your Life Raft with an approved Service Center. Please contact the service center for an OH quote.  

Service Routine

Inspection consists of removing the raft from the valise, conducting a 24-hour pressure test, weight checking the CO² inflation system, a cylinder raft pressure test, weight checking the CO² inflation system cylinder, visually checking the raft and valise for tears, cuts, punctures, abrasions, and deterioration, and then repacking the raft into its valise.  Survival Equipment (if included) shall be removed from its valise and inspected by pressure testing  the inflatable mast and visually checking each item for condition and life limitation.  Cylinder hydrotest is required every 5 years at which time the valve is overhauled and the cylinder then freshly recharged.

Storage and Proper Care

To keep your raft in the best condition possible, it should be stowed in a clean dry contaminant free area away from any heat source.  Contaminants such as petroleum solvents, fuel, grease, oil, or hydraulic fluids may have a detrimental effect on the fabrics and consequently on the life and performance of the raft.  The stowage area should be at least equal in size to the complete raft assembly.

Shipping Your Raft For Service


Inflatable life rafts are classified as Hazardous Material and can not be shipped with regular transportation methods.


Call any Shipping Company you might have an account with. If this is not the case, we recommend you call Jeff Heidenreich at  Ph. 785-783-4560.  Fax:  913-319-0635 or Email:  Since Freightquote has connections to all of the Freight Companies, our Rep. will find the most efficient and cheapest way to ship, take care of all of the paperwork, and pick it up from your doorstep!

Please include your ship back to address, name, phone number, credit card info and/or what number to call for the info when the raft is ready to ship.  Also, specify if you need it expedited (with the date you need it back by).  Otherwise, we will assume it needs the regular turnaround service.  To facilitate the process, fill out the Order Form and send to and put a copy with the life raft you are sending for service.


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