Survival Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer for the world’s most compact, lightweight, and affordable life rafts for General and Corporate Aviation. Established in 1970, Survival Products, Inc. manufactures emergency survival equipment, including a complete line of life rafts.  We manufacture FAA Approved, TSO-C70a Type I and Type II life rafts and have experienced, certified service/repair stations world-wide. 

Survival Products, Inc. was previously located in Hollywood, Florida but has relocated to the AVI facility in Sunrise, Florida.  Production from this new facility as part of the AVI team began in February of 2018. Survival Products, Inc. is a complementing addition to the AVI portfolio. 

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Stephanie Forbes


AVI Aviation Inflatables


1655 NW 136 Avenue, Bldg M

Sunrise, Florida 33323


+1 (954) 749 3500

AVI Survival Products


1655 NW 136 Avenue, Bldg M

Sunrise, Florida 33323

+1 (954) 966 7329




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